Our Sussex Boer Goats have a wonderful habitat, with a regular supply of Wild Treats!

We aim to use the barest minimum of chemical inputs to keep the meat pure. As few fertilizers as possible are applied to the land.

When ready for slaughter, the goats are taken to our local, licensed abattoir and dispatched quickly and calmly to ensure a minimum of distress for the animal. This relaxed slaughter process is reflected in the stress-free quality of the meat.

Full traceability applies and our own ethical standards are maintained at all times.

The goat meat itself is succulent and tender, with even fat distribution which makes it both lean, and light on the stomach. The taste is similar to lamb and there are none of the strong "goaty" overtones that you may associate with goat's cheese.

Easy to cook, like lamb, the flavour of the meat is mild and aromatic - be it roasted as a joint, cooked as a rack or blended in a Caribbean curry.

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PRICES per Kilo
Sausages £12 per kg
Leg/Shoulder £15 per kg
Diced £18 per kg
Rump/Rack £20 per kg

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